Dos plazas, un remanso | 2016 | Madrid, Spain
ePower&Building Competition | Special Mention

Team: Gabriele Capobianco, Edoardo Capuzzo Dolcetta, Jonathan Lazar


An enclosed and cosy place where retreating from the bustle of the fair. A place capable of gaining back the human scale inside a pavilion of giant proportions. A place where to relax, while decreasing the rhythm imposed by an event such as ePower & Building. A lively place as well, where different spaces, characterized by different velocities, alternate.


Following this objectives we have developed a layout that combines two main bodies defined by different materials and able of articulating three peculiar spatialities. The first body consists of two L shaped walls made of a metal frame covered by a fabric. The second body is a compact and introverted timber/OSB volume, pushed towards the perimeter of the pavilion.



The access to La Plaza – situated in proximity to the info point – is highlighted by a landmark: a totem that wants to orient the guests of the fair. Furthermore this element divides two plazas with different functions and atmospheres: El Rollo and the Area Gastro.
In both plazas the space in inspired by the urban squares with a public and commercial character. In fact an empty center is respectively surrounded by the 12 sponsor’s Minimodulos and the food trucks.
El Rollo is a huge flexible space, easy to configure through different arrangements of the furniture and of plants usable as separation devices. The main distribution of this space is peripherally organized, guiding the visitor in front of the Minimodulos before leaving La Plaza.


The second body hosts the more fixed program: the VIP restaurant area (yet in visual relation with the rest of the Area Gastro), the dark room for projections called Micubo, and the Area Concurso 59’ which is divided in a workshop and a public area for presentations.


La Plaza that we envisage is a refuge, a place where the streams encounter and quieten.


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